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Job Offerings.




The "Association of World Owners under Stress" unites a number of world owners in AW. To assure their compliance to the Content Guidelines of COF, they have a vacant position for a "World Content Inspector". 

Your function :

- Your function is somewhat similar to the Building Inspector's. This includes : Blue-green talk to builders, a limited set of predefined sentences. Cause a high level of irritation. 
- You'll be responsible for the contents of the AWOS-members' worlds. You'll be checking out every new building site for unacceptable (as defined by the COF Guidelines) contents.

Your profile :

- You know where all the X-rated material on the net resides and you recognize unacceptable (as defined by the COF Guidelines) material by the URL only.
- You completely understand the meaning of "building offence n° 69".

Positive differentiators are :

- You made up or helped to make up the Content Guidelines of COF.

We offer :

- If you are successful in preventing closure of our members' worlds, you get your own to play in. You'll decide at your own "sole discretion" what the contents will be. 

AWWOS: Statue polisher (correction).

Last Week we published a vacancy for statue polishers. Since then our premises are flooded with candidates trying to prove they're the right avatar on the right place. We are pleased with all these people willing to work for us, but we'll have to temper  the enthusiasm.

-  The awards will only be given january 16th. 

So be a little patient, you're rubbing the paint of our works of art !


Simon Says 
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