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G-Files (7) : Grounds Never Deserted : ALIEN-X

  Ever been to a world where the landscape is so desolate, you feel like being alone on a far away planet? The only things one saw until recently was the sand, the GZ landing place and a teleport to a teleport center. The GZ landing spot shows the hand sign for "Welcome" as used by deaf people. And you'll be welcomed by Princess Leia who seems to be on the spot the whole time.
I've been there several times, also in my early tourist days. It always struck me that the owners, by the world's design and by their behaviour, were able to create this "alienated" ambience, wich the world's name suggests. 


You should pay Alien-X a visit, just to experience the language Princess Leia uses. At first i thought it were all typo's and that she really was an alien, lol. Until someone told me it was typed like deaf  people experience language. At least that's what I made of it. 

Despite it's desolate look Alien-X is a welcoming and warm world. If you're a sci-fi fan, Alien-X will probably be one of the worlds that appeals to you. 

As always, go and see for yourself. My bet is you won't regret it.... and don't forget to give Princess Leia a @--)-----.

Simon Says 
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