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New Year Wish List.

 By Ewasx  I know there's already a wish list somewhere in the AW news groups but,
believe it or not, I don't read them. It sometimes is all I can do just to get
my column out every week. Heck, sometimes I don't get around to reading AWWoS
until days after it's issuance (shhhhh! Don't tell Simon I said that. I need
the money, LOL). With all the projects I'm feverishly attempting to complete
before I really get myself in a bind with possible world ownership, my fun in
here is becoming more and more like work. Forgive me if you've seen these
wishes before. These are in no particular order (unless my subconscience is
trying to make it self heard without my knowledge).

(1) User control over that blasted green checkmark. What can I say. I used to
hear others complain about this in my early days and it didn't seem like such
a big deal then. Well, my perspective (and my contact list) has changed now.
Nuff said!

(2) Multiple object builder updates (shift selection). Like object name
changes or adding animates to many at once. Surely there's a patch for this
somewhere in those cryptic files that Protagonist had to leave behind after
his abrupt, early retirement from AW.

(3) Some new teleport sounds would be a welcome change. It can't be that
difficult, eh?

(4) Hopefully we can get some kind of streaming audio this coming year. These
MIDIs are killing my taste for music : (

(5) I know a lot of ppl here are excited about the custom avatar issue. It
sounds really cool to me too but I'd like to see my other wishes granted
before this.

(6) Here's a biggie for me: Please, please, please guys, give us a telegram

(7) Is there a reason why VRT is not GMT?

(8) How about smaller vertical building cells? I'd LOVE to make a multi-story
building that has more than just empty rooms.

(9) Is anything being done about the user programmed animate glitch with
framed objects?

(10) I really love AW's great objects and textures. I've cut my building
teeth on them and continue to have a great time building with them. I would
love to see AWUniv's objects & textures added. That, probably more than any of
the other nine wishes is the one I would most dearly love to see granted. I
would think that the designers of those fantastic AWUniv objects & textures
would very much like to see the general public have a go at them. Imagine what
kind of cool things the really great builders here could do with
them!..sigh...It breaks my heart every time I go there and see them. All I can
do is drool and wonder who it is that get uses them. At least they finally
allowed a few ppl to use them in their latest contest : )

Well, there's probably more that could be listed but after I reread this
piece I decided I was starting to sound like I'm a chronic complainer and I
really didn't mean this to be a bitch session %^) hhmmm....speaking of
which...maybe I need to start reading those newsgroups after all.... Because
I'm an addicted builder, at least half of these wishes were strictly builders'
issues. My column is starting to become a sort of builders' corner. That's OK.
There's probably more material in that subject for me to write about than
anything else since that's about all I do here in AW anyway, heheh.

Y'all have a great New Year and we'll be back next Sunday with more of what you come
here for from AWWoS. Cheers!

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