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My personal wishes to...

  For what it's worth, here's my personal list of wishes and presents for the new year. The choice is yours ...


  • The real first time visitor : lots of discovering
  • The Tourist by choice : the "don't feel too lonely" package. 
  • Tourist out of necessity : a relative paying for your citizenship.
  • Tourists looking for adventure : patience for downloads and a seatbelt for when that's done.
  • Tourists looking for ejection : a fixed IP address.
  • Building citizens : lots of new objects and animations.
  • Socializers : lots of new people to get to know.
  • Happy in AW citizens : a "look further than your nose" attitude.
  • Cynical about AW cits : a good talk with the previous category.
  • Helpers : strength and lots of energy. 
  • Tired : some sleep and courage in continuing.
  • Triggerhappy : a truck crashing your mouse.
World Owners
  • Lots of visitors, customers and advertizers (if you want that), no hacking, nor stealing. Servers in perfect condition and friendly ISP's. No power failures and good backup systems.Wisdom in chosing caretakers.
COF/Seeray/Internet Services 4 All
  • Happy users, lots of registrations, customer orientation, no hostile take-overs, no selling plans (or to some : very outspoken selling plans), easy to rule user community. Wisdom in thinking for your customers, not too much terrorrists  hurting your users (or adequate security measures to prevent it). Open communication. 

Underground movements/Partizans/Scum

  • Vandals : a "snap out of it" and doubling of the number of your braincells (up to 2). 
  • Hackers : a colleague doing it to you or a good cause for doing it, but with wisdom in chosing your targets.
  • Opposition : clear language, clear ideas and independance. 
  • Desillusioned : a look beyond the frustration.
  • Freedom fighters/User-rights movements : the strength to keep up the fight, the sense to chose the best means. 
  • Sworn anti-everythings : a stone to sharpen your knives on and a occasional "I agree feeling".
  • "Storm in a glass of water" movements : a "how to become a hurricane" handbook.

And to all, a better year than 1998, lots of fun and a millenium-bug free PC.

Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS.

Simon Says 
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