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Dirty Laundry : A CY-Award? hehehehe...... 

1. Lobbying pays ?
2. Impeachment in AW
3. Oneliners ...
1. Well, congratulations, Simon and team...... lol. This was why you did it all for, not? Me for one, I wouldhave preferred the CY-Award went to someone who does something. But no, you all had to vote for AWWoS. 
I wonder how much Simon had to pay you all for voting for him... I guess he's broke now.... because he doesn't accept any money from sponsors. 
And what bothers me the most is that the commitee counting he votes were so drunk, that they miscounted the AWWoS votes...... Apparently there must be a world in the worlds list with a similar looking name..... 
Ah, well, let's be Machiavellistic about it..... our goal is to educate you all.... so I guess if getting a prize is the price to pay, in order to get more readers....... 
Don't count me in on the festivities tho.....

2. Cigars, slips, blue stained dresses...... they all are found not only in RW, but also in AW. Cigars : there's one flying over GZ in AW, slips are not only a very good subject of conversation, but they occur constantly : typos are slips of the KB, if you like...... There are avatars wearing blue dresses and unless you have a hi-rez cd, there definately looking very smudgy. 

So it had to come to it : IMPEACHMENT........ I just don't know yet, who to impeach. Not Simon Says, it cannot be proven he lied about anything.... Lemme think..... I'll come up with a name next week..... hehehehehe
Any suggestions?

3. Totally out of context, misinterpreted but in some weird way remarkable, the Oneliners of this week :
  • Simon Says: yikes rod stewart........*smells like retired spirit*
  • Cristina: I´m really ugly, beach boy.. like a spider.... very hairy :-))))
  • Cristina: And I don´t have the time to wax very often :-)
  • Benjamin: Who the heck needs the psychoactives if you're already doing hairpin turns at 80?

 <:3 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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