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Job Offering.



Award Statute Polisher.

Since AWWoS got a CY-Award and pollution in cyberspace is deadly for it's shiny look, and since people will want to touch it, because it is said to bring good luck to touch the statute's toe, we are looking for a part-time care taker. 

Your function :

- Make the CY-Awards statute of AWWoS shine, so that visitors don't get the idea that we're sloppy. 
- Other CY-Award winners will probably need your services too. It's definately a growing market.....

Your profile :

- You're not afraid of heights.
- All that shines is gold for you.
- You won't break piecs of the statutes to sell them.

Positive differentiators are :

- You're experiencd in polishing precious metals... i.e. your mother's silver tea-set...

We offer :

- The presence of the AWWoS team from time to time.....
- A mentioning in AWWoS, from time to time......
(As if that's a

Simon Says 
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