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Where's the Object Yard ?

 By Betty B Been around the worlds to find my baby...oops thats a song...start over again...
Been around the world to check out the object yards. For starters there are many in Alpha World. Many are the same, but there are exceptions.

Kellees object yard is a good example of an object yard where you actually see a new approach on building. And she even  made room at her place to explain how things work like opening and closing doors, visibility and invisibility, moving objects etc etc. And many more tricks to make building more fun ! Aswell her texture yard is complete with even the newest animate me´s. 

Another fine place to go is Scented Nectar´s Animated Objects. Here you can find examples on how  arches, trees and many other objects look like with using one animate texture.

And then there is Dreme Loyjks texture yard, he shows all textures on a pot01.rwx and an animate . Its well organized ! He also has jpg´s and examples of sound there. 

Which brings me to the sound object yards.
Little Bulls place has many good midi´s where you can choose from. And AW object yard has a good link to sites where you can get midis aswell.

So lot of  great places where you can find what you need, but since i saw the object yard of aw- university i´m a bit annoyed :( It is one of the best places i saw, hundreds of textures, river sections,hills, rocks, ANIMALS!!!! 

I do hope that COF will find a way that it is possible for everyone to use any object or texture from any world in other worlds. I did read in awwos that Roland was talking about that. If that moment arrives he will make hundreds of builders the happiest ppl around the worlds and that will make all the chatting ppl happy too, cause there will be more intresting buildings and places to see :)

Object yard list coördinates:

Kellee´s object yard  aw 1379N 1853W
Scented Nectar´s object yard   aw 509S 843E
Dreme Lojyk´s object yard  aw 1933N 0W
AW University 66N 59W
AW all kind of different object yards list 1094N 989W

Betty B


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