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  I know CY-awards don't mean a lot to some of the readers, nor some of our own team. But if recieved, their idea would probably be different. To me, personally it means that out there, there's a bunch of people that are reading it. Judging by the mails we get here, AWWoS has even made a difference in some avatars being. There's recognition for what we do and it seems to me that people who voted for us, want us to continue. Well, if they wanted to say stop it, that wasn't the way to do 

Anyway, I dedicate this CY-Award to the team of AWWoS, all the incidental contributors and builders and, last but not least to our readers. If you weren't reading this stuff every week, AWWoS would have no reason of existence. 

So to be short fo once : 

Thank You.

Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS.

Simon Says 
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