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AWWoS Parties!

1. Speech
2. Pictures
Speech !
Simon Says: well, dear people of AWWoS, a word from your editor :)
Betty B: uh uh
Ewasx: all ears
Ewasx: uhhh..eyes  LOL
Betty B: lol
Betty B: at least turn your avater
Betty B: your looking the wrong way simon
Simon Says: first i wanna thank all the builders who built something for AWWoS :)
Simon Says: betty b, who built the should all check them out if you didn't already :)
Simon Says: great art :)
Simon Says: *hugs betty b *
Simon Says: secondly, Ewasx, silverdragon and Xenax :)
Ewasx: must be an american  LOL
Simon Says: who built this party plaza :)
Betty B: ng?
Betty B: news group?
Ewasx: news group
Ewasx: LOL
Betty B: lol
SilverDragon: now I C
Betty B: um sorry go on
Simon Says: news group?
Ewasx: our pleasure Simon  (speaking for SD)
SilverDragon: shhhh  SS is talking
Simon Says: lol
Betty B: *twacks the editor* go on
Simon Says: Then all the reporters, columnists and "contentproviders" for AWWoS :)
Simon Says: Ewasx again :)
Simon Says: Betty B , who will be sending in pieces again :)
Betty B: yup yup
Ewasx: do I have to bow again?  I fell on my face last time
SilverDragon: LOL
Simon Says: Cheri, who will come later i hope :)
Betty B: lolol Ew
SilverDragon: yep!
Ewasx: cool BB!
Betty B: :)
Simon Says: mgib :)) our newest reporter :)
SilverDragon: *splat*    Ew is down again
Betty B: i want to be part again of this great bunch of ppl..missed it :)
Simon Says: and of course  da rat...... whose identity stays a secret....because he asked me so :)
Simon Says: you're welcome betty :)
Ewasx: hehehe...we'll sic SD on him
Simon Says: so what can i say....... 
SilverDragon: *clang*
Betty B: lol
Simon Says: i really appreciate what you're all doing to make AWWoS a success :)
Simon Says: *tears*
Betty B: uh oh
Simon Says: lol
Betty B: *hands hand kerchief*
SilverDragon: |||||||||   kleenex
Simon Says: not really....but almost
Ewasx: it's been a really fun time Simon...thanks for giving us the opportunity
Betty B: probably speeled wrong
Betty B: grrr
Betty B: yes hear hear!!
Simon Says: anyway.... i won't stop making AWWoS
Betty B: good :))
Simon Says: and i hope you'll all be contributors for a long time :)
SilverDragon: good  I enjoy reading all of you
Simon Says: Thanks, and now music again :)))
Betty B: :))

Betty B: what happend with Cheri´s column?
Betty B: not about love anymore
Betty B: too bad i liked that column
Betty B: cracked me up everytime :))

Simon Says: we don't read our own paper? lol
Simon Says: well, as long as it's used on the toilet :))
Ewasx: only VR toilets tho....
mgib: I would use it on the toilet but don't like this smiling face looking at my ass
Ewasx: LOL   
Simon Says: hahahahaha
Ewasx: hehehehehe
Betty B: hahaha

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