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Dirty Laundry : Where is Da Rat ?

1. Who is Da Rat?
2. AWWoS Party, a big fiasco
3. AWWoS : target for op. Desert Fox.
4. Oneliners ...
1. Simon Says tells me a lot of you are so curious about me.....I suspect him of not being able to keep his mouth, especially when partying. 
I was at the Imagica party..... And yes I liked it there. Even when there were cats around. Thznks to Mauz, who nailed them down with her high heels, there was nothing to fear from the felines. As if I would be........ 
Anyway if you want to know who i am, you better ask me straight..... Be sure to have a good reason and play your cards right and you might be the fifth person to know who I am, for sure..... . Not that it will bring you any further... but satisfied curiosity avoids nerveous breakdowns, I guess. 
Oh, btw, don't try to ask any of the five who know me, they swore not to tell or to say I'm Simon Says himself.... Imagine that....

2. The AWWoS parties of this weekend were a big fiasco. Don't let Simon tell you otherwise. The one one friday was ok in his standards, but the session on saturday was a goner..... Poor Simon Says. At least there was cheese on the party plaza.  

3. They're done in Iraq, for now.... but soon there will be an attack on the AWWoS offices. Simon Says himself has no clue, but the Pentagon staff is really suspecting AWWoS of storing mass-destruction weapons. This doesn't surprise me, the bins are filled with the former contents of Simons stomach and that could kill an entire community. 

4. Watch out what you'll be saying in the future....... if it ends up on Simons, my or my contacts chatlog you might find yourself quoted in AWWoS.
This weeks selection :
  • Queen Bee: boy, a girl can't go for a drink without missing an entire conversation. :)
  • "Chris399": Hello Kim. This is a very odd place. Yes this is my first time!
  • mgib: Hope they'll zip the reports this time or Razzle's mailbox may overflow.:)

 <:3  The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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