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G-Files (5) : A Lamer Little X-mas : Serendip

  I bet you knew that this weeks GZ was Serendips, in fact all of Serendip is GZ. With all due respect for other worlds, the efforts made to make GZ look great..... Serendip really deserves the crown. Not so long ago it was the world of the reunions. It was burnt down almost a month ago and it rose from its ashes to become the craziest X-mas world of the whole universe. If you visit it,  be prepared for a waterfall of Downloads. But it's surely worth waiting for. If you got just that little bit of twisted humour, you're bound to at least appreciate what's been done there. A little warning might be in place : if you got this real sweet X-mas carol mood when you hear the word X-mas ..... you'd better stay out. That's why I include the best picture ever made in AW (wonder if i'll get an award for

Leaves nothing to guess, doesn't it? :)

Maybe after the holidays this world will turn in something else again. I don't know..... But if it does it'll surely be one to visit again. 

What can I say? If you spend X-mas in AW, you'll rather spend it in Serendip than on GZ. At least you're surrounded by displays from ....... well, not from the heart, but about 10 inches lower...... 

Have a swell X-mas and some nice holidays. With some exploding presents or something.......

Simon Says 
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