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The next Level.

 By Ewasx As you all probably know, I'm a thoroughly addicted builder here in AW. I
don't build particularly fancy or grand sites, nor do I build very complex
ones. I have only one site that ppl may consider fairly large but I needed the
help of four other good builder friends to fill it.

I always thought that owning a World was something for the really talented and 
prolific among us. But recently I think I've discovered a secret (not the ONLY 
one I'm sure) to choosing the world ownership path here in AW. The secret, as
it has occurred to me, is cultivating good & close friendships with other builders. 
Ever since I started working with friends in my town (it sat empty with just ground 
cover for over a month), I've been building in there like crazy! I know some
builders prefer to build mostly on their own and that's what I did until I was
invited to help a friend with her place a few months back. I found that I
really liked someone there with me to discuss details of the project and to be
another mind to observe problems. And another great part of partnering? Having
someone to immediately rejoice with when something wonderful takes shape! : )

My learning really accelerated after taking that step. That's when I decided
to invite her & others I've cultivated builder friendships with to go wild in
my town. The result was far better than I ever expected! We look at that town
now & just shake our little VR heads and say: "Did we REALLY do all this??"

So one day recently we were gabbing about what we could try to do next.
"Let's enter the contest!" one of us said. "Let's work some more on the town"
another said but I kept thinking about what could be the next step after
building a town in Alpha. The contest prizes were a world from aw. A
world...hhmmm... I didn't mention it at the time because it still seemed like
such an enormous leap from public world building to owning & running your own
world. I decided to sleep on it for a night or two. My dreams those two nights
were very telling to me. It's difficult to describe dreams to others in a
rational way so let's just say that in them, I did a lot of building in wide
open spaces : ) I decided to email my partners as opposed to chatting with
them in real time about getting world. I didn't want to miss anything in a
chat discussion just because I'm such a slow typist. I think I was also a
little apprehensive about whether they thought they were ready to take on an
entire world so I sent an email so they could take their time in thinking it

I should have known better. The responses from them were very
encouraging. In a nutshell they were: Let's go to the Next Level.

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