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Before anything else...

  This is the 17th regular issue of AWWoS. AWWos started in august 98 as a kind of hobby of myself, merely some kind of joke. But soon several AW-users joined in to make it what it is now. And what it will be tomorrow, because there's no intention of stopping it. 

I reread the first statement of the editor. I shook my head and I thought : "I'll have to rewrite the basic foundations of AWWoS". But then I decided to leave them as they are right now for the time being. I can't possibly imagine that someone even pays attention to it, but I like to think that this first statement allowed AWWoS to grow and develop. If those things aren't related, then so be it. 

If anyone wonders how AWWoS is made, it's 10% inspiration, 90% transpiration and the remaining 100% comes from you, readers and  regular or incidental contributors. I won't make this very long. Long speeches sound untrue to me. Instead of repeating myself, I urge you to go read the AWWoS party chatlogs. 

Instead of looking too much back, I'll try to look into the future and set the pace for AWWoS for 1999. Not the whole of it, of course, but part of it. 

- First of all, the promised interviews will be scheduled. I know there are some people right now, waiting to do their story. It might be a bit later than expected, but AWWoS keeps its promises. That's AWWoS responsability.

- Second : we'll keep bringing you the kind of paper that we were. We're working on getting more people involved. On a regular or an a ad hoc basis. But we want as much people as possible working on this together. The more points of view, the more richess, the more tolerance. This is the responsability of each of you, dear readers. You'll have to come with material. 

- Third : AWWoS will keep changing, also in appearance. Soon you'll find more interactivity on this site, ways to express yourselves or give feedback to what you read and see in here. One thing you cannot expect from us is that we would compromise AWWoS, niether in content nor layout by the commercial forces that seem to rule the web. And yes, this popup window might annoy you, but there's an easy solution to that : click it to the background and yu won't be bothered by it any longer. As long as this paper can be made without spending money for software, space etc.... we won't accept money, and we won't print commercial ads. Not deliberately anyway. If ever this can't be made without costs, we might reconsider this or stop publishing AWWoS. 

Last but not least : AWWoS is still here to add to the fun of using AW. If it doesn't do that for you as a reader, it still gives me pleasure to make it and to know that AWWoS is read. That's proven by the counter on the index page : 2000 hits in three months. If AWWoS achieved anything it's at least that. Just by notifying subscribers by e-mail, messaging to some dozens ICQ-contacts and some announcing on a few GZs around AW. 

Before anything else, I wish to express my personal thanks to the AWWoS-team, the readers, the AW-users and the AW-owners, because all of these people somehow contributed to what AWWoS is today. 

I hope you'll have a peaceful X-mas, a happy new year and all the other celebrations you might have.  And think for a moment that there are regions in the world where things aren't looking so good right now....... 
Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS.

Simon Says 
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