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USS-Ent The erprise.

 Report by Cheri
I found something I want to share with everyone, the USS Ent The erprise is located in AW at 7878s 7878e  it was built by blur
   Be sure your visiblity is set to 120 meters to see the entire ship at point of entery.  Have your speakers on for many special sound effects.  The sound effects are great. It was constructed in about two days and  additions being made often for new effects. 
  The Hull (Bridge) of the ship was made using 336 snow colored hills in a huge circular shape.  You will fined yourself in a meteor shower when you arrive at the ship.   So be careful or you might get hit:-)   Walk onto the Transport to get into the ship. 
  Inside you will find the entire crew, including Capt. Kirk, Ens. Chekov, Lt. Sulu, Cdr. Spock, Lt. Uhura, LCDR Scotty and Dr Bones.  By clicking on some of the crew members they will talk to you.  There is a huge 6 panel multi-animated filmstrip in the Bridge showing the ship firing phazers at the approching meteor showers.   You must check that out!!  Visit the Sick-Bay and Engine Rooms and use the Transporter to go to various observations of the ship.  Be sure not to miss the outer front of the ship showing detailed lettering of the ships name ( NCC-1701-A ) on it's top.  They were made with some new objects.   Have a safe journey !  have fun, explore, enjoy......
CHERi o<(:-) Hohoho

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