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Dirty Laundry : Da Rat is MAD!

1. No <:3  around?
2. AWWoS Party, *eg*
3. Rat Goes for Headlines
4. Oneliners Worth to remember or forget...
1. Oh, you bunch of hypocrites ! Nobody put my tag on a sign anywhere. Go ahead, you parasites......... you only want info..... never give me some..... and you won't even support me? 
Well, keep this up and I quit !!!!!!! Isn't it enough that Simon Says is bashing me all the time? 
I don't even get support from you for whom I do this for...........
Oh, just explode, you whinies......

2. Gotta give Simon this : he's not even telling me when or where the party will take place. Only thing I know it's in AW. If you accidentally stumble into something that might be the party site for AWWoS, let me know. I wanna test the cablework..... hehehehe  

3. One of these weeks I'll get a real Headliner. Thanks Tripper, for putting me on the frontpage again.  At least one is supporting me.......

4. Watch out what you'll be saying in the future....... if it ends up on Simons, my or my contacts chatlog you might find yourself quoted in AWWoS.
This weeks selection :
  • Shona: If Kr3S doesn't stop that he'll be bounced outa here like a yoyo :)
  • sooner: i went to a pub there with a stuffed horse in it!
  • Valaria: clouds are made of water -- water has reflective properties -- clouds reflect back all the colours of the earth and there are many
  • Simon Says: everything balances out? depends on the 

 <:3   The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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