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  You ain't seen nothing if you hven't seen Metatropolis. It's dark, it's different. But at the same time it's enough realistic to get you hooked. Once I read Meta looked like the scenery in "Blade runner". And yes, one must admit it has something of it. Meta has actually two sides (as I see it). Its cool sci-fi look would make it the perfect meeting place for a cyber-community of young people, but the atmosphere seems to dark for it. And apparently the older users find it too cold. 

Though there might be more 'cyberspace' urban environments, I find Meta a rather pleasant world. I don't come there that often though...... because it's a bit a lonely place. Moreover, COF's HQ is there and I always get the feeling that there's a big brother. As if he doesn't exist in the other worlds....... lol.
One of the first times I came in Meta, I ended up before the screens of the Web-cams of COF. I'll spare you my comments on it...... except, it's a strange feeling seeing the foot-wide heads of those that own AW. Talking of Big Brother......

One thing is for sure in Meta, you like it or you dislike it. No room for the opinions in the middle. One thing that makes it different from the other COF-worlds is that, I never noticed a PK there. Aren't they there or just hiding in the shadows? I remember vaguely having heard that it's a PK-free world (but I could be wrong). If that's the case, there's a hiding place for the hyper-PK-allergic part of the community. 

Anyway, if it wasn't worth the visit I wouldn't say a thing about this world in AWWoS. 

*lights another Yeheyuan and hits the "save button"*

Simon Says 
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