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Weather forecast for AW GZ 


Forecast for week of 13  thru 20 december 

Been on GZ a few times, hardly saw anything happen. Is the population beginning to behave or is it me missing all the stuff? Must be the first thing. With Santa coming, everyboy sems to do his/her best to be good. 
At the risk of starting riots :  next week's forecast :

All ratings based on an average of 2 visits of 1 hour each, per day 
- Public speech :  1 out of 2 visits.
- First warnings :   1 out of 3.5.
- Second warnings : 1out of 7.
- Ejected tourists :  1out of 17.
- Ejected citizens :  1 out of 34.
- Overall rating of the coming week :  The Ground will be boring the next week. Everybody (exceptions exist) will be as good as possible in order to get the present he/she asked for.. 
Longer term tendency : SBoring weather til after New Years day and after wards there's the CY-awards coming up so...... . The PK's can probably rest a bit......
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