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Merry X-mas.

 By mgib  Yes, I know, it's a bit early. But have you noticed preparations start earlier every year? I heard someone at GZ desperate because he hadn't find yet a gift for his mom. Relax dude! Still 15 days! Ever tried to go for shopping at the last minute, when you haven't the faintest idea what to buy for whom? My fav, give it a try, thrills guaranteed!

I don't like too much early. When comes the moment your are in the ambience for so long it loses part of its magic. But I like Xmas with its special decorations. The air is filled with sweet bell music you hear with your eyes.

 Btw, I have a question. Why "Merry Xmas - Happy New Year"? Don't we expect Xmas to be happy and the New Year to be merry too?

 That's a thing I like in AW. This tradition to celebrate Xmas. Could be just a Xmas tree, or a sign in a world. Or more sophisticated redesign of the GZ with falling snow, Santa avatars, blinking tree lights. Few worlds are totally dedicated to it. New ones, or old ones after nuking: I recommend A'A, Serendip and Xmas2. Sorry if I missed some.

Even America, the most subtle, tactful, tolerant world has a wonderful Xmas GZ. Yes! Xmas is magic! I told you!

 One thing I regret: AW GZ never celebrate Xmas. So sad. Yes, I know there are plenty of commercials there. At Piccadilly Circus too, and though they do it. A Xmas tree here, fairy lights there, few spots of snow, Immigration Officer saying "Merry Xmas", this must be possible.

 Yes, I know this is the gazillionth item on the wish list.  But if COF has no time to do it I'm sure there are few trustworthy good builders who could be given #1 building privilege for a couple of hours. 

 AW GZ is an important and most visited place. The Gate too. Aren't we in a family environment? Isn't Xmas part of it? 

 Now, if they belong to these people shocked by this pagan take-over of the Nativity, I would understand. A crib with the Magi is all right. The Xmas Star instead of the blimp. And these terrible midis we have to endure at GZ for weeks could be advantageously replaced by some Xmas Carol.

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