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Reality as in Virtual Reality.

  Virtual Reality is clean. At least on sight. I wonder if the people, saying This or that world has a high degree of Reality, ever come out in the real world. It struck me again when I took the elevator to "the 13th floor". When was in the streets I saw some pretty real-looking buildings, cars driving by, smoking manholes in the middle of the street (smell and temperature is something we miss in here), all designed to make the trip as "real" as possible. Well, this "possible" is limited. And IMHO it's limited by the creators, not by technical factors. 

To tell you straight away what i missed, it was litter, broken glass, gum-wrappers and newspapers flying around, dogs wetting poles, oil stains on the street, half-eaten hamburgers, the kind of things that make reality real. That virtual reality doesn't affect all our senses is something where one could live with, but that it only shows us the clean side is due to a lack of feeling for the reality. Are we such dreamers that we only want a clean image? 

I don't buy the argument it isn't possible.... Take the first game in, let's say, an urban environment, that comes to hand and you are blown away by the amount of graffitti, traces of rubber on the streets and mud against he walls. Nothing like that in AW. Visually we are clean and we'll stay clean...... Not a stain of spaghetti sauce on the pink dress of an avatar, no dogs feaces on the sole of your shoes....... not even dirty water in the river. No trees killed by acid rain....., no dented cars, it's all so clean and nice. In fact it's so far from reality that we shouldn't call it reality, not even with the addition "virtual". Environments like AW are too busy creating an image of reality, but unless at least the visual reprensentation is heavily corrected, it will stay a cartoon, kids play and prolly wishfull thinking. 

I wonder if ever the gods will be crazy enough to drop an empty bottle somewhere. That would really add to the degree of reality that can be experienced in Virtual reality. And please don't give me the reply it's not a copy of reality...... most of the worlds aretrying to copy it..... we even copy real behaviour in AW. But real behaviour seems so hollow in an unreal environment......

Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS and please drop it where you stand when you've finished. .

Simon Says 
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