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Dirty Laundry : "I shot the server, but I didn't shoot the AW Blimp" .

 1. Epidemic  at Avatars 98
2.How to make AWWoS.
3. True story behind the crash
1. A very well kept secret came out today : Lots of the attenders of Avatar 98 became ill. The reason is that someone gave a new meaning to the word party pooper. In this case : "Conference Pooper". The Central Office of Faeces is looking into this offensive smelling matter, but didn't wanna give any comments yet. The investigation is now entering its final stage, but no one can be ruled out right now. 

2. Wanna make AWWoS? Lately a lot of people try it. Best way to get mentioned on these pages seems to be via sucking up to Simon Says. No success guaranteed, but sometimes he falls for it. Best way to get mentioned by me is either to shoot the blimp. 
But now there's a way to be mentioned here : 
Da Rats e-mail addy :
Don't say you couldn't tell me in private ! 

3. The truth behind the crash is that a certain rodent has chewed up some power cords at CoF Hq. It aren't the repairs, nor the restores that explain the delay. It's just that they can't find my brother's corpse. And he's beginning to smell........ Well, bro, pity you're gone, but you'll be remembered till eternity......

 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.

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