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G-Files (2) : Social Extravaganza :  Yellowstone

  Well, fauna, it's about you this week. Of all the GZ's in AW this is the most crazy, the most friendly and hostile at the same time. It's the tourists chauvinist pig's hell or heaven. That depends on the mood of the citizens present. The history of Yellowstone is very turbulent. GZ is burnt down in a far away past. That's why you land in the fire place when you click on Yellow in your Worlds list. The times that the citizens had lunch with tourists (i like mine "seignant") are countless. Tails have been cut off, root-canal operations performed with chainsaws and M60 rounds fired to the people around the fire. One of the most popular activities on this GZ is biting. 

Everything you see there has been bitten already, yes....the citizens and certainly the tourists too. As you can imagine, the chats aren't always suitable for sensitive ears and the average PK in training would clean the ground in a sec (mass-ejection) sometimes. It's not only happiness and tourist nibbling, domestic and other fights have their place in Yellowstone too. One of the unwritten laws (up until now) at Yellow is that problems are discussed freely and solving them is done collectively by ripping it apart in as many pieces as there are citizens present at that time and eating it. The degree of flatulence afterwards indicates how well it is digested. 

Now the downside : The only thing that ever chages in yellow is the billboard. The background midi is the same since more than two years. But "the zombies there don't even notice" (read the ng's to find out where this quote comes from). Actually it's the best midi that could be found to serve in Yellow. it offers stability and calm if you enter....

I could write for days about Yellowstone's GZ. You better find out yourself about Ol' Faithfull and the story and purpose of the teepee. The people of Yellow will be glad to disinform you.

Simon Says 
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