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Weather forecast for AW GZ (what GZ?)


Forecast for week of 29 november thru 6 december 

As soon as AW gets on the list again, there will be a rush on it. The PK's will be at full force on GZ. For the first few hours the crowd will be broken up in groups of no more than 3 people. Gesturing, shouting or talking any louder than whisper will be forbidden. Cellular phones are prohibited on and around GZ for two days. Every entering avatar will have to "assume the position" and will get strip-searched. 
This first virtual Marshall-law must prevent riots from breaking out on GZ. 

Dear readers, you can understand that in the given cirumstances no decent weather forecast can be given. 

All ratings based on an average of 2 visits of 1 hour each, per day 
- Public speech :  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
- First warnings :   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
- Second warnings : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
- Ejected tourists :  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
- Overall rating of the coming week :  The weather will be held calm by brute force. Cloudy, chilly, windy, that's next weeks weather on GZ if it opens. 
Longer term tendency : Slowly improving, but not really friendly till X-mas. From then on the days become longer and ppl got their presents...
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