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But where are the Toilets at GZ?.

 By mgib  An old crazy public debate. Started 2 years and a half ago in a forum of the AW Discussion Centre by some GZ'ers who were fed up ("pissed off" would be more appropriate) to have to go AFK when Lady Nature,  helped by Lavoisier, reminds us "nothing disappears, all is transformed" and beer must go somewhere. 
 A request by very popular demand, never satisfied.  I guess it ended up in the wish list graveyard.
 Alley: " non-family-like-request, try-to-behave-and-remember-to-be-happy".

 You may imagine my surprise when a week ago, I saw some toilets right in the middle of GZ. Something like a cabin. High but rather narrow. Obviously a one-seat Superloo. It seemed vacant. I rushed there; I hate to line up in such moments.
 Guess what! As soon as I was in, a crowd surrounded me. I didn't know so many citizens were beer addicts. 
 I was embarrassed, this is a place where I like privacy. Snow Dragon was there. Cheerfully welcoming people. Saying this event was dedicated to social and cultural aspects of virtual communities. Damn British! They are incorrigible! None are better than them to make smart events from the most trivial things. 
 I thought maybe they couldn't afford toilets in every world. So all these toilet doors around the universe leaded to the same john. Ladies included and some of them didn't need much to take off, or already did. At least they were generous with toilet paper. I couldn't stop downloading sheets.

 I apologised around saying all this looked pretty much clever, but besides beer I also came to sh*t. My! What I haven't said!
 A PK started to freak out.  Sending me telegrams in very rude manners, about watching my language and following the rules, no discussion! Since I mentioned him I read carefully the rules and toilets weren't included in the list of places PKs are supposed to police, I never heard of him anymore. Maybe he couldn't check. I strongly suggest we recruit only those who know how to read. There are enough applications. 

 A businessman sent me telegrams too. At least he was a bit more intelligent. He sent me his visit card with a note saying I should take care because I was frightening his virtual clients as this place was for business. Business or social and culture for the populace? I guess they were all speaking of the same thing, GZ toilets. All the difference is in the vocabulary. Maybe he was a dog, there to do its "business" and run off. Couldn't see his avatar, either can't remember his name. Something as the name of a mythical evil creature. Neither I can remember his company. I remember it made me LOL so much I started to "cough". Nowadays businessmen are ready for anything to catch your attention.

 Finally, I decided AFK was still the best way. I must be old-fashioned and I need time to get used to these "all-together-now" when it's about toilets.

 The Superloo disappeared few days after. Too bad. I hope it's temporary. Wait! I'm sure it's because something needs to be fixed. But what? Got it!! I knew something was wrong. Never been to some superloo without paying. Must be it. They need to implement a coin slot. Hope it won't be too much expensive. In this strange place where I have been, I heard some paid $100 and even more to have private toilets.
 I'm sure this comes from the lobby of some anti-alcoholic_respect-our-20.999-years-old-kids league. For this price you think twice before drinking a beer!!
 In the meantime and while it's still allowed to drink alcohol at GZ (but for how long?), I will drink twice and think after.
 Hey Simon Says! Where is my second Blanche de Bruges? 

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