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Builder or Socializer.

 By Ewasx I am at a crossroads in my VR life (Yeah, I know but this is ANOTHER one!)
here in AW. I have been bitten so bad by the building bug that I've become a
stranger to most of my good friends here in AW. I'm sure my experience is far
from unique. All you folks who have been through this already are, I'm sure,
nodding your heads as you read this. However, the experience is unique to me
and since my function here at AWWoS is to write about all things  related to
AW I come across, you'll just have to suffer through it, heheh. Besides, those
who have not yet reached this step in their VR lives here need to know that
it's not a unique experience and that other, learning builders go through it
 A few days ago, after a particularly frenzied building spell (it lasted for
about a week as I recall), I decided to come up for air and see what else is
going on in AW. I telegrammed a few ppl and discovered to my shock that they
had been continuing their VR lives as usual, with all the good gossip that is
accumulated during said lives, but they had given up on telling me because
they had not seen or heard from me for weeks! To be sure, there were no hard
feelings, just resignation that another of their friends had succumbed to the
dreaded "Building Addiction". It woke me up big time! I had been running
around the site of my latest building project like a madwoman for weeks,
acting like I was on a life or death deadline. Time goes so incredibly fast
when I am in the ecstatic throes of an all-consuming building frenzy! It took
the realization that my friends were drifting off only because I could not
tear myself away from my decadent participation in building self-indulgence.
Well, I'm here to announce "No More!". Of course, I'm not saying that I'm
giving up on building. Goodness knows that my friends would truely be
concerned if I announced that I would no longer be building (besides the fact
that, as I've mentioned before, it's an addiction that is not easily ignored).
No, what I mean is that it's time for me to impliment some serious time
management into my VR life. Building and socialization need to be balanced in
such a way that you shouldn't have to reach a crisis point before adjusting to
new conditions. After all, this is primarily a high-tech playground, right?
Why should play be a source of stress when it should be exactly the opposite?
With all the corporate greed, bloodthirsty layoffs (oops, sorry, I mean
"Dumb...err...Downsizing"), politicians pulling their carpetbagger tricks, etc
that we endure in the RW nowadays, the last thing a person needs is stress
from their stress-busting diversions. So I'm here to tell you that I'm a
changed woman. I'm NOT going to let an addiction take my VR friends away from
me! I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep them close because if it wasn't
for my friends here in AW, I'd probably be doing something else on the web
now. (Gee, I never thought playing would be so much WORK!)
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