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The Victims of the Big Crash...

   Some citizens asked for a refund because AW was down. Let's make a little calculation .....
Assume AW is down for a week. All the other worlds are still up, mind you. But ok, let's assume that these victims never come anywhere else than in Alpha World, so that they would pay $20 just for being in AW a whole year long. That would make the pretty sum of  30 cents !!!!. Oh, yes I hear you say : it's the principle that counts. But since the rules and principles are made by CoF, ..... By the way, The hundreds of other worlds are still open, so what are you all waiting for ?

The true victims of this crash are other people : 
Primo : The tourists. Used to hit and run on AW GZ, where a lot of inexperienced users come together with the vets, they now have to relocate to other GZ's. None of the other GZ's are as crowded as the one on AW. Most of the other worlds have very strict rules and some have "start of the alphabet"-ratings, which means the average tourist doesn't find his match there. Or the world is populated with citizens that virtually eat annoying tourists for breakfast. A tourist who even dares to think of harrassing people in such worlds, doesn't dare to reuse the name he prevously came with.

Secundo : Peace- and gatekeepers, but they probably can cope with it, at least they should be able to. Maybe some unfamiliar GZ to play, a mild incompatibility with the world they're working in, but after all, small problems, a "bit of a PK" should be able to handle. But a in these times of stress it can add to the general feeling of being second level citizen.......   

Third type of involved people is CoF. People calling them Gods and all....... up to a point they did as much as even believe it. Must be  horrible to realise that being a god doesn't shield them from this kind of crashes. And now they probably know that gods do sweat too, unless they take it easy because with AW down, a lot of users discover the other worlds. Personally, i took the liberty of going to look in the Nasa and Boeing worlds. 

Last but not least : WE!!! US!!!! The people of AWWoS!!! We bring you a weather forecast every week. But now...... AW down, we don't know how to handl this properly. What will the weather be like when AW opens up again? Will it be raining Cats and dogs and tourists again? Will there be an overload as soon as AW appears on the worlds list again? Should we have foreseen this event? How will this affect the progress in the building of the AWWoS party site? 

You see, dear reader, we are all victims of this crash, citzens, tourists, owners, employees of the owners, pets of the employees of the owners, fleas on the pets of the employees of the owners....... And, as always someone will find some reason why they did it on purpose..... i'm sure.

Anyway, while you're sitting there watching the worlds list for AW to appear, you could as well enjoy reading AWWoS in the netbrwser window. 

Simon Says 
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