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Dirty Laundry : Once bitten, Never Shy .

 1. Missing Moria
2. AWWoS Party.....
3. Bites and Bits.
4. Avatars 98.
1. Hey hey, Simon Says buys it now...... he's asked publically where Moria went. In the NG-posting the name of KatLuv is mentioned. Wasn't there a story of Simon burning KatLuvs tail? This could be worse than the Bill & Monica thing...... Yummi. Simon : we'll be watching you !


2. Hey readers, you see what our editor is trying to do? Hehe, he wants to let others build a party place. I know he wil NEVER find somebody who wants to build it for him. Remember he announced the party for October once? He's been so smart not t mention the year....... but i assure you, he meant this year... I wonder who will react on the job ad. The reactions on this will probably be sent directly to Simon Says. The poor underpaid Tripper is entirely in Simons hand. 
Free Tripper !!!!!!!!

3. The main activity on Yellowstone GZ is biting. I hear you wonder what they bite. EVERYTHING ! Laughed off A...., not yet laughed off A...., noses, ears, tails..... Especially tourists aren't save there. But I don't wanna steal an article from our editor.... hehehehe. Wonder if he will mention something of what he does tthere......... If he don't, I will....... No thanks, you're welcome :)

4. Went to the conference, what did I see ? A lot of Downloading, almost crushing me. AND NO SANDWICH-AV........ Maybe I'm too visionary......... heheheheheh.

 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.

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