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Job Offerings.



Free Lance Reporters

Your profile :

- You have a genuine concern on what's happening inside and with AW.
- You have ideas on what is missing in AWWoS and willing to fill that gap. 

Positive differentiators are :

- You are a woman or a man.
- You disagree with AWWoS
- You agree with AWWoS

We offer :

- An unbeatable package of gratitude.
- Benefit-plan including fame and possibly respect from the community.
- Complete protection of your identity, if you choose so.

Contact :

AWWoS HQ. Organisers of the Big AWWoS Party

Your profile :

- You are a gifted Builder with experience in one or more of the following fields :

- Building Party Environments that don't take too long to load.
- You know how to link RA in AW
- You know where to find great music for RA. 
- You've listened to all the midis on the web.
- You're willing to build the party spot for the AWWoS party.
- You want to be the DJ at the party, if needed.
Positive differentiators :

- You like Rage Against the Machine, REM, The Fun Loving Criminals, The Blood Hound Gang and Right Said Fred (and other good stuff) .

The offer :

- You're the first to know when the party will be held.
- You know the greater part of the playlist before the others do, so you can practice.
- The standard AWWoS package : gratitude, respect and fame.

Contact :

Simon Says 
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