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"Dr. Cheri Marries DMC".  



 From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri

Souls Entwined

Another day, another sunset....
The tide has washed a multitude of footprints from the sand
A solitary set of prints leads to my rock shelf
As yet still warm from a day of sunbaking
I am alone
I sink down as if into the arms of a welcoming lover
My shelf embraces me
A gentle breeze springs as if from nowhere
Light touches playing over my skin
  A lover's caress
Moonlight kisses the ocean with silver streaks
 A lovers kiss on an endless dancing ocean
Waves lap the shore
 A murmur of soft music in this magic moment
Above is a lone star
 A small but bright light
My senses reach for you as yours reach for me
Our souls entwine in some mystical place
  Meeting their destiny of Love....

I will be gone for Thanksgiving spending a wonderful 
visit with my dear friend Dmc2u and this is for him 
and everyone out there have a Happy Thanksgiving


You've been there to hear my joys.
You've been there to hear my sorrows.
You've been there to share a joke,
You've been there to make me smile.

I'm so lucky to have found you.
I'm so happy that you found me too.
I'm hoping you'll be my friend forever.
I'm hoping you'll want to be mine too.

Let's promise to always be here for each other.
Let's promise to be the shoulder we cry on.
Let's promise to share the joys & triumphs.
Let's promise to always be the one to rely on.

Thank you for being my friend.


In a friendship  
We're free to expose  
Parts of ourselves  
Nobody else knows.  
But the thing that sustains it  
And sets it apart,  
Is not something spoken  
It's a bond of the heart.  
True friends are rare  
In a lifetime two or three,  
I'm so glad it happened  
Between you and me!  

Author Unknown  


Cheri Married.
 I am getting married in Galveston nov21.

             I will spend Thanksgiving with Dmc and have
             fun on our honeymoon.

Congratulations Cheri and DMC.


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