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  It's only logic to start this series with AWGate. A lot of first time users end up there for basic instructions. Ground is always (?) manned/womanned with GateKeepers. Wow, are they patient or what? Most of the questions they get are answered in the help files, but they keep answering all those questions with a smile. No repitition is too much. I guess ppl prefer asking and getting it on a plate, rather than spend some time in the help-files. I guess it's human.

The building on the Ground is like a monumental shelter. I remember when i first entered there, that it gave me the impression you get when entering a cathedral. The big AW-sign sheltering the vulnerable users, but at the same time almost demanding you kneel and bow your head in devotion.  This effect is even stronger when one looks at the avatars available to tourists : clean Intel-outfits. 

Although people are ejected from AWGate as in the most other worlds, the atmosphere is rather friendly, there. Most people come there to be helped and the GK's have the "helping attitude". 

The covered subjects are utterly various there. There are about 105 subjects there that are on the list daily : a standard keyboard has around 105 buttons. Once or twice a week,  there's a question on these 105 keys in combination with shift, ctrl or alt keys, and then you are about done. 

If there's one place in AW where "landing on GZ" has meaning it's in AWGate. Sometimes the avatars are piled up as high as the AW-sign. The GK's repeatedly urge the users to walk away a bit from the center. I guess they don't wanna shoot in the pack, causing innocent victims. 

All in all, the AWGate Ground is a friendly place, but it is sometimes boring to experienced visitors. However if you're looking for information on what's possible, where to go and how to do it, you're always welcome to AWGate.

Simon Says 
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