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Visionaries and Pioneers.

 By mgib Any conquest of human kind (unexplored spaces, science, philosophy) was done with the help of these both "species". The Internet and the concept of virtual community are in this case.

 Visionaries bring the idea, the spirit, the concept, that is the vision. Pioneers invent, explore, create.  The former without the latter only bring us dreams we can read in their books.
 The latter without the former only brings soulless stuff. Both can be in the same person. It's still the duality of so different and complementary characters. Then come the settlers.

 Dreams and expectations are never met. That's how we always go foward. Would the dream happen, we imagine an unreachable "better" as a goal. But visionaries (and even more pioneers) aren't unrealistic. They know the borderline of a dream which has a chance to become true. Now, the less the explored dimension is linked with the existing, the more they know they may dare. Also aware the more reality may end up farther from the dream. But this is a risk they accept and it is the real challenge.
 Would one dream to discover a new tribe in the Amazone, he knows he'll have to deal with communication and language. Would he dream to meet an alien, it's still possible to imagine they are advanced enough so they can afford mental communication without the need to translate. Both dreams are as much daring and reasonable at the same time.

 But the real challenge for visionaries and pioneers comes with the gap between the dream and reality. What's hard to stand is the size of the gap, no matter how daring the dream was.
Would you discover one in the tribe already speaks few words of portuguese, the deception is high. But less than if you finally meet the alien, and when you (mentally) ask him his holographic key ring as a souvenir, he asks back what's your credit card number.

 We have to understand such a gap doesn't only come from any low probability of situations we can't master or couldn't foresee. Often we fill this gap with "dust" we bring from the old dimension. 
 Many think the degrees of freedom given by a new dimension are established. A way to think it helps to escape from the old one without dealing with it. The gap increases when we don't care to fight at each instant for the meaningless pieces of dust we bring with us.

 How do visionaries and pioneers face this situation? The great ones still hang on their dreams and don't give up, but have the courage to face obstacles. To use their aura and influence to denounce and fight what is spoiling the dream. The others who can't cope with it, selfishly shelter themselves in a dream of the dream. 
 Taking from reality only what meets their expectation,  selling their books and making conference to explain how their dreams became true.... while they shamefully close their eyes on the rest.
 While they were equally responsible for how much reality matches the dream with those who accepted to follow them, they suddenly become more responsible abusing of their aura and influence to blind others 
so to save their dream.

Probably Christopher Columbus didn't want it. Nevertheless the Holy Inquisition followed his track quickly. I dunno how much he accpeted it, or closed his eyes. I should look at history books. Anyway, it wasn't just bad luck. The seed of the "desease" was already on the Santa Maria he lead. Passive complicity at least. They couldn't get rid of the "dust". Maybe it was too hard, but did they really try?

 Now, I was speaking of real visionaries and pioneers. Great or ordinary ones. But there are too some black sheep who dress up as visionaries or pioneers to make their monkey business. But it's another story.

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be duely wanted coincidences. 

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