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Sticky Places...

   Starting this week you'll find impressions on GZ's in the worlds. Impressions, not scientific studies, just a kind of snapshots of the "entrance halls" of the worlds. Some of these GZ's are known to most of us, a lot to some and a few by virtually none. What's the purpose? Well, I'll try to answer that as honestly as I can. 

First of all, the Ground can be considered as the condensed representation of a world. At least for what the talking part of the population is concerned. I know a few cits who never come to the Ground, others you can't burn them from their fav Ground-spot. 

Secondo : if there are caretakers for a particular world, you're bound to meet them on its GZ. Helping you, ejecting you, Public Speaking...... it's just a handful of their activities and they're all done on GZ. 

The third reason why GZ's are interesting enough to us to make a series on them, is that they are favourite places of chatters and lurkers. Meeting places for ppl all around the globe, where a lot can be said (but not by far everything !) and after a while : "where everybody knows your name", except for the newbies. 

Number four : all kinds of users come there, tourists and citizens, with their different ways and styles. Powerful and powerless, good, bad and ugly, being or not being themselves, keeping up appearances, rocking the boat, running on empty, playing or doing business.... Fun to watch, rich of human interaction.

Now, back to the planned series : we would like to state here that those worlds from which we're not reporting on their GZ, aren't in anyway not as good as those we visit. Don't see this series as a kind of reward or something. I guess you can imagine that we'll never be able to cover ALL the worlds. We'll have to skip the private ones. But the public worlds can expect us sooner or later. So, world owners, grab the broom and clean your entrance...... There's never a second chance to make a first impression.

Show me your GZ and I'll tell you what your world's alike...


Simon Says 
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