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Dirty Laundry : A week in Cof's Sewer.

 1. Missing
2. Simple Gutsy Simon...
3. And now : the best part...
4. A New Way of advertising..
5. Fastest ejectors in AW.
6. Let's go Bananas.....
1. Poor Simon Says..... he must feel like Don Quixote. You see what he's doing this week? Trying to get information from COF and the PK's? One might hope to get some from a few dissident watch dogs, but from the barons themselves? The only reaction CoF knows is to delete posts from the Newsgroup. Sometimes these deletions say more than a statement, but it is kinda totalitarian.  The whole situation reminds me of the darkest Pinochet-days in Chile. If they don't wanna shut up, make them dissapear. If they do shut up, they're too soft, so ban them..... or let them be "cured" by the death squad. 
All in the name of investment protection? That was one of the reasons in Latin America too.

2. Sometimes I must say Simon has guts. He was on a party in AW and he even let him photograph while saying "Reinstate Protagonist". Can you imagine that ? He actually said it in public. But by the time he made that statement, no CoF was in the neighbourhood. Wonder if they look at the world logs... 

3. Check out the Job ads in this issue of AWWoS. Note that the "Kiss-up to Cof"-position  has already been filled. Wonder by who? Check out around AW 13n 13w. 
But maybe you know a better way to prove your loyalty to CoF? Go ahead and mail them.

4. New Avatars are on their way. The virtual Sandwich man is coming up. Ideas exist to create an avatar with panels on back and belly with possibilities of linking to web-pages, animate thingies and other really exciting stuff. The very first idea was to offer some tourists a free citizenship for one year, as long as they didn't choose another av. But since BotBall they are playing with the idea of bots carrying those panels around. 

You wonder if this ideas exist ? Yes, your best friend da Rat has them.  Using this idea would be intellectually wrong, now. But would CoF or anyone else care about that?

5. Me, Da Rat, I was shocked...... Yeah, you wouldn't believe it. I heard that not only PK's eject (and their bros and sisses in private worlds), but that CoF does too, without warnings !!! The thing is that if a PK is caught ejecting like that, he/she would be excluded from the PK-corps. How could anybody know? Every little thing that happens in a world is logged in a worlds log. So there's always a trace of such an ejection. I wonder if someone ever goes through this pile. So you can imagine that no PK (non-cof ), who's not protected and who wants to stay PKwill eject on sight. Would CoF eject on sight? And if so, why? Oops, sorry Simon........ had to be said. I really hope you don't lose your newsstand on GZ now..... *EG* 

6. You know who i met in the sewers? The Banana Republic. They don't do a lot with bananas tho. That doesn't grow in the dark. It looks like a bunch of people impersonating PK's on GZ, and then doing it in such an amateuristic way, even the tourists don't buy it. They had a little try-out on GZ, a few days ago. All present got 5 mins to leave AW because the world was gonna shut down. Great, guys, but if you want to stand up against the big guys, at least get your act together...... It seemed coincidental, but after that try, there were suddenly a lot of screen-flooders on GZ...... lol. My mute-finger is in shape again. Screen-flooding = chatlog-flooding.....and flooded chatlogs make me soooooo tired. 

 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.

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