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Job Offerings.

Free Lance Reporters

Your profile :

- You have a genuine concern on what's happening inside and with AW.
- You have ideas on what is missing in AWWoS and willing to fill that gap. 

Positive differentiators are :

- You are a woman or a man.
- You disagree with AWWoS
- You agree with AWWoS

We offer :

- An unbeatable package of gratitude.
- Benefit-plan including fame and possibly respect from the community.
- Complete protection of your identity, if you choose so.

Contact :

on Fire.
Kiss-up P.I.T.A.

Your profile :

- You disagree with the rest of the community as a whole and with every individual specifically.
- You're a gifted software developer.

Positive differentiators :

- You dislike the opinions of others.
- You have a total lack of social skills and you like to show that.

The offer :

- You get the best spots to build on.
- You can post what you want in the NG's , it'll never be deleted.

Contact :
- The organisation will contact you, if they haven't already.

Some of these openings have already been filled. But please contact us anyway. There might be opportunities in other places.
Simon Says 
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