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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 15 thru 22 november 

Seems that the weather on GZ is not only the work of the PK's. Those ejections without warnings are one thing. But on wednesday there was a funny little storm caused by some phoney PK's which wanted to shoot every with bananas, i suspect. . Later on some tourists came flooding and playing the usual tourist again.  It made the weather pretty unstable...
Anyways this thing was fun to watch, if you had an umbrella...

All ratings based on an average of 2 visits of 1 hour each, per day 
- Public speech :  every time you are on GZ.
- First warnings :   1 first warning every visit.
- Second warnings : 1 second warning every 3 visits.
- Ejected tourists : 1 ejection every 3 visits.
- Ejected citizens : 1 ejected citizen every 23 visits
- Overall rating of the coming week :  The events on GZ will become more and more unfriendly. It's hunting season and any citizen with more than 1 braincell left is on the hitlist (I'm safe).
Longer term tendency : Muting has come back into style. It would have been more, if the mute function were more user-friendly. Beware of phoney PK's, don't let them spoil your drinks or hors d'oeuvres. To be on the safe side when eating ice-cream, order a banana-split....
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