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Keyboarders verses Mousers.

 By Ewasx I joined AW at a time when the building software was much as it is now: Pretty
darn user friendly. In fact, I wasn't even aware that you could do all those
things like copy, move & delete an object with keystrokes until  a little
later. When I did discover what you had to do with keystrokes to accomplish
the same thing you can do with mouse clicks, I thought keystrokes had a
disadvantage as far as speed. That thought stayed with me until I began taking
classes at AWUniv. A pause here for a commercial: Anyone interested in
improving their building skills and learning fantasic new ways to do things or
just to get a better understanding of how the building software works to make
your creations look great, I HIGHLY recommend going to AWUniv world & checking
out their class schedule! And now back to our show: I discovered that at the
time that many of the most experienced teachers there learned to build,
keystrokes were the way to build. The mouse activated building apparently was
a little later but since they used keystrokes so well already, why bother
learning a different method? There were some minor misunderstandings when the
keyboarder teachers attempted to explain step by step procedures to the mouser
students (Hit which keys to make a copy? Can't I just left click the Copy
button once in the build box?) but they were quickly overcome. We had some
friendly debates about the pros & cons of the two techniques. In fact, there
was a time late one Friday night when I was ribbing one of my teachers about
not learning the faster mouser method. A couple of jabs were jokingly fired
back & forth and before I knew it, I was standing at the edge of a vacant
field with two of my former teachers, ready to race to see who could copy 10
ground panels in a row first! One teacher was a mouser and the other was my
always friendly keyboarder rival in this most delightful of disagreements. We
had one or two false starts (With much giggling involved. You see, we were all
very serious about winning this little inpromptu race to the point we were all
three having the cold sweatty, shaky hands syndrome) and then the race! My
heart was about to jump out of my chest but I managed to keep my finger on the
mouse, despite the sweat & the shakes. Our ground panels flew down the lot.
When we finished, we laughed off our tension and then begged off any more
action to go to bed. You want me to tell you the winner you say? I wish I
could but the keyboarder said WFS (Waiting for Server) was happening during
the race so we decided to end our debate until maybe another time when all of
our connections were good. Keyboarders verses Mousers. Give me the mouse
functions every time! : )
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