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We the Worms...

  This edition of AWWoS is full again of serious news. Well, not all is new to everyone. I don't know if any of you remembers how this started. It started as a publication to add to the fun of AW. But as soon one dives into the matter, things that aren't so funny come up. There are two sides to a coin, they say. 

Come to think of it that what we've written in AWWoS has touched a lot of readers. The reactions weren't massive but there was reaction. Most people like AWWoS. Some don't at all and a few don't care.  

Question, already asked in some kinda form, is "Does AWWoS make a difference in anyway? Would AW been different without it?". Prolly not for all of you. For a handfull of people it has changed their way of looking at AW and some (one or two ) are spending their AW time trying to get scoops, interviews and information. 

This kind of "work" demands that the one doing it, creates some distance from the subject. And once this distance is created, strange things happen with the perspective. Compare it to a worm in an apple. It's eating and eating, sometimes getting to a rotten spot where it eats around. The worm doesn't see if the apple still hangs on the tree or if it already fell down to the ground. Maybe ths worm feels the movement when the apple is picked up and put in a basket, but it'll probably not know where the apple is going to. In order to be able to determine that, the worm must leave the apple. 

Having left the apple now, for a greater part of the time, I tried to see where the heck AW is heading. But since the worm can't possibly know what's in the head of the guy who picked that apple, how could I know where AW is heading? No information from CoF, just worms discussing amongst each other on what's happening. Ergo, nobody's interested as long as the worms get their little bit of the apple and the apple-picker gets his money from selling it or satisfaction from eating the apple. 

Nobody cares what I think, but I'll give it to you all the same. Eventually , the apple-picker will try to sell the apple for the best price he can get. And the less worms and visible rotten spots in the apple, the better the price he'll get for it. Maybe we're not happy with that, but who cares what a worm thinks? 

It's not the time yet, I believe, but there will be a time that we, little worms will have to find other apples. Because no matter what : 

The Worms Rule.

Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS. 

Simon Says 
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