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Dirty Laundry : Da Rat doesn't smoke cigars....

 A cigar on GZ....


Nobody reads this.....

Why re-register?

Kids in AW ....

HAHAHA...... A Blimp over GZ ! Actually it was a virtual cardboard blimp. You don't believe me? Someone at COF, I think , took the original plans of the HindenBurg, cut it out, glued it on a piece of cardboard and hung it op over GZ. Simon took some shots at it, he blew holes,the size of the average animation panel in it and it didn't move an inch... Reader, let me ask you a question : Don't you feel like guinea-pigs ?  By your reactions is measured what the impact is of all kinds of advertising. I wonder if somebody sent an e-mail to COF about the shape of this blimp. Looks a bit like a cigar..... and since there's so much kids in AW.......
Next thing we'll see is an advertising officer. An average chatlog would show dozens of times messages like :
Advertising officer : <your nick name>, did you know that at Sleazy Joe's second hand cars are the cheapest in your area? And that his mobile repair group will be with you in minutes when your car breaks down? Sleazy Joe's cars will take you up to a mile from home in one time ! Order  online or contact Sleazy Joe by sloppy e-mail.
Advertising officer : Need pretzels,<your nick name>, real fast? Dial P for Pretzels online.
Cof, please, this is my idea....... don't copy

Nobody asked, but you probably were able to read it because Wingdings is not installed on your puter.  Thus, here it is again :
We don't get tired of this..... hehehehehe.

 AW becomes the most important aspect of our lives. In Scandinavia you got an AW-cd with a six-pack of beer, a while ago. So AW was the extra. There are rumours that COF will throw in free beer for each re-registration. First re-registration (your second tour of duty so to speak) you get a root beer. Each next prolongation of your membership, you'll be able to taste stronger stuff. After ten years of membership, however, you'll be back on root-beer. It's called "regression" techniques. Don't worry, at 77 some people even retrun to space..... and COF doesn't want us sitting drunk behind our keyboards, we wouldn't be able to read the advertising "messages". 

Since there are so much youngsters in AW, the PK have formed a new team. KK this group is called, and KK stands for "Kintergarten Keepers". They'll be ejecting (after at least 6 warnings) young ppl between 3 and 6 if they violate at least one of the rules below:
- Don't spit out your food or beverages
- Don't poop on GZ.
- Don't hit another kid with your ice cream
As soon as possible, there will be a teleport installed to the potty. 

 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.

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