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R.I.P. Countess Creator

Log sent to us by Midnight Madness




Midnight Madness:
We are gathered here to say goodbye to a dear friend, Countess Creator. She will always be remembered and loved here. 
Even tho she is gone she will always remain in our hearts.
Her home had always been the place where people would go to build and dance, and celebrate. 
She made others feel loved. Love is what she put into her artwork and building and she loved to share this with others. 
It will live on here in AW, just as she will. No where on AW was Countess Creator more at home than when she was with all of us.
Here was a brother to listen, a sister to talk to. CC was always willing to lend a ear if you needed someone to listen.
May she be in a more peaceful and happy from the woes of this reality....Death is hardest on the living....
Thats why some cultures rejoice in it....and beleive the next step is reward=) (Lady Destiny)
I would like to share lyrics of a song that deeply reminds me of Creator and her passing. Just in case some of you dont have real audio..and if you do click on the organ in the back to hear the song.

If I Had Only Known
If I had only known It was the last walk in the rain I'd keep you out for hours in the storm I would hold your hand Like a life line to my heart Underneath the thunder we'd be warm
If i had known It was our last walk in the rain
If I had only known I 'd never hear your voice again I 'd memorize each thing you ever said
And on those lonely nights I could think of themonce more Keep your words alive inside my head
If i had only known I'd never hear your voice again
You were the treasure in my hand You were the one who always stood beside me
So unaware I foolishly believed That you would always be there But then there came a day And i turned my head and you slipped away
If I had only known It was my last night by your side  I'd pray a miracle would stop the dawn
And when you'd smile at me I would look into your eyes And make sure you know my love For you goes on and on 
If I had only known  If I had only known The love I would've shown If I had only known

We will all love and miss her.  Thank You. 

I would just like to say that in all essence of the word Creator knew the gift of simplicity
and the truness of joy
she knew the art of friendship
and love
and in this
we were true friends simple as can be 
and i know she touched all of you
and I pray to god that  in her peace and rest   we continue to keep her in our hearts

Darken son of CC:
I am going to share a few memories and thoughts some of which you may know or may have guessed
On the last day I spoke to her, I stopped to ask her as I often did from time to time
If she was happy and how were things within her life and if she needed anything...
And her reply was that everything was great and that in Argon she could not find a nicer guy and all in all she was happy
Shortly after her passing I was cleaning up and discovered a journal she had been given for her birthday
And I opened it only to find the first page with a entry...
Within it contained the first and only entry she put in it...
It was the day she decided to get a computer and learn more of the world of computers
This journal is now a precious item to me
Once she decided she wanted to have a computer and when it arrived
She wanted me to help her get on the internet so I set her up a account...
And although many of you now know her as Countess Creator or CC
I choose the most appropriate name I could think of that gave her essense
That was the name Creator as she was my creator and a creator of many things and also a creator at heart!
I shall do my best to keep Gossamer open to keep her dreams and hopes alive with it.
I shall miss her more then anyone could ever imagine
Thank you

Sassy 1 : In Memory of Creator :

On behalf of the AWWoS team and the community: 

We'll miss you, Countess, even if not all of us have known you. 
To Creators family and friends we offer our condolence and sympathy.


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