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Soccer In Space.

   If you spend a lot of time behind your keyboard, chances your avatar will get in bad shape . Until recently there were not a  lot of ways to exercise it. You could jog around the worlds, build a lot, but that was it. Remember the Hamfon interview in AWWoS? If you read it carefully, you surely saw that there were great developments coming to us in the near future. And since the future starts now..... 
Soon there will be soccer games in AW. More specifically in Space. You can kick a ball there, run after it to kick it again...etc...
Developments are still going on, but you could already be thinking of forming groups of five or six players to start practicing. Get them avs in shape, choose your colours, choose a name and a mascotte. Cheerleaders of the worlds : swing those legs, make pyramids or whatever !  Coaches get your troops ready to score !  Bus-companies : be ready to take loads of supporters to the playground. Hot-dog, pizza, french fries it will all be necessary around the stadiums. 

AWWoS will report on the events, matches and everything, but you as members of the community have to actually do it. 

Don't miss the opportunity to meet new people in AW. 

Simon Says. 
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