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Read the Signs.

 By Ewasx Read the Signs!
Gosh, I love building interactive sites in AW! Nothing thrills me more than
making a cool warp ride or a teleport to a hidden room or a click that makes
something appear or disappear (or more! Heh heh). I love to do that and to
make sure they are used properly so the riders get the most enjoyment out of
them, I make sure I mark them well with signs. Signs. The most overlooked
feature in AW that I've noticed is signs. I've watched people walk right past
the very information that they've needed and then complain later when others
know where to go but they don't. I've placed non-solid signs directly in front
of entrances so people couldn't possibly miss them and they walk right thru
them without hesitation. I've even put a warning sign (this time still solid
so they would have to hit shift to get thru) up in front of a full building
area and have watched people shift pass thru and then complain that they
couldn't build anything there. I always put my teleport & warp destinations
directly in front of signs to help ppl get oriented. Oh well. You can lead a
horse... Signs. Signs were my savior when I tried to make sense of this
complex place. It was a sign that taught me to READ signs! AWSchool is ALL
signs! You can't get anywhere in AWUniv without reading the signs, heck, you
can't even see what classes are coming up in there without reading the signs.
I've made signs of all colors & textures. I've made blinking signs,
fluorescent signs, subdued signs, signs piled on top of signs to tell a story.
All that work & then ppl (not all,  maybe not even most but enough to make me
wonder) just walk right by. hhmmm.... Maybe I need to make bump warps that
take them right up to the sign. Naaah... They'd just walk thru it anyway. I
know! Bump WAVs that say: "READ THE SIGNS!!"   ;-)
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