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Are the PKs contaminated ?

  Some people posted in awcommunity that they were ejected from AW for no reason or without ejection. I won't go into the question if the PKs are necessary, at least not in this issue of AWWoS. We live now in the situation that PKs are there, that they have rules and procedures. And since there are some indications of abuse, I couldn't just watch.

Every ejection should be reported with a.o. a chatlog. Of course nobody will send a chatlog that proves himself/herself wrong. Is there a way others can know about ejections, besides an e-mail of the "victim"? If there isn't such a way, it all depends on the goodwill of the ejector if it's reported or not.

Chapter offensive or vulgar names : if somebody is ejected because of his or her name, you don't want this person back in before the name is changed.
I remember a Adolph Hitler on AW GZ and on another GZ a Happy Odlid. And i wondered for a while (lol) , in the latter case why some people were offended. In the first case the person wearing the name wasn't even asked to change it. Personally, I'm not impressed by both names, but some people could very well be. And sure it all depends on how the person behaves. 

These questions are asked in every moderated chat environment. And I guess a PK doesn't always have an easy job. Underestimating the users of AW, how young they might be, creates an environment of provocation, which demands harder repression etc... If people understand how to teleport, they'll surely understand how to mute. Just explain it in a way it can't be misunderstood. 
Maybe another idea is to send people out of the restricted area instead of ejecting them completely from the world. Teleport them to a teleport center where a lot of rides are, then they'll have something to do.

And let's not kid ourselves, some will never learn, but that goes for both sides.

Anyway, enjoy reading AWWoS. 

Simon Says 
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