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Dirty Laundry : I Rat my Case.....

 AWWoS on GZ...  

  Test your Fonts.  

Vocabulary :  Metaphore
  A citizen in every issue of AWWoS (continued)

AWWoS Spelling Checker !

I knew it!!!! AWWoS on GZ would mean trouble. I knew it. I didn't think AWWoS would make it though. But I'm surpised that COF did actually place a stand on GZ. I wonder what he paid for it..... Can't be a lot, since there are still no ads in AWWoS. Maybe mast week I overreacted a bit. Simon Says is no longer playing with the idea of going commercial. At least not when I talk to him. So I guess I'm on the "payroll" for at least one week, again.......... 

I love font-art. And when it's used to serve a cause.....  If you want to see nice fonts, calligraphic art, there's one place to go : the awcommunity newsgroup. The threads on protagonist are the best. 

 Metaphore (f) :  A "server" that, when it has PMS (like last week), keeps all users, male or female from having fun in AW.

She didn't make it this week !!!!!
Oops, yes she did.....

Did you all see it? Last AWWoS was not even dry yet, or the PK pages were corrected. I even stumbled over the person doing it. LOL. And then to say AWWoS is full of spelling errors.... 

 The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance with real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.

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