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 Ouija-fun with betty B Today i realized that this story happened exactly 20 years ago, i was 16 at the time.
I was with friends and, silly as we were, we decided to play with this 
selfmade Ouija Board.  I heared many weired stories about this "game" 
and frankly i didn´t believed it at all. Sure i believe that when you 
die your spirit goes on living in an energy kind of form. And that there 
must be restless souls wandering around who died too soon, but that you 
are able to "talk" to them…hmmm…nah.  Anyway i was intrested to play 
this "game", so me and my three friends put the alphabet letters on the 
table in a circle, with in the middle a glass up side down. Now, i 
aswell knew that you can connect your energy with others to move 
things…remember the experiment you did as a child at school or at home? 
Put a person on a chair. Next to it, at each side you place a person. 
They have to concentrate hard, then they are able to lift up the person 
with chair and all, just with four fingers (one finger each hand) 
Always worked. With this in mind i thought,of course we can move this glass 
around the table, but whithout touching it? The four of us held one hand 
above the glass and started concentrate…..nothing happened. Maybe 
because we giggled a lot? Who knows! One of my friends got a bit annoyed, 
said that we didn´t concentrate hard enough, so we got more serious. 
Suddenly the glass started moving, and we all got goosebumps big time. 
One of us started to ask questions, but the answers didn´t made sence 
at all. I made a joke by saying that this person perhaps was really old 
and had bad eyes, so we figured out a way to make sure the ghost gave the 
right letters. That helped…and believe it or not then we got whole sentences.
Told us that he was there with us to give us a message that was very important, and asked if we were up to it. We said yes. Then he gave us a name…it was a dutch male name. We didn´t understand what to do with this name, so we asked who this person was. The ghost said it was a man from a town (a town that was close to the one we lived in) and that this man murdered a child. With that answer we all pulled back our hands, and i started to cry, i was terrified. After say ten minutes in shock we got back to our senses and looked up the name in the phonebook. 
It was there. We all heard about this child that was found dead in the woods some weeks ago. What could we do? Call the police and tell them that we got a name from a murderer, given by a ghost? We decided to write a letter with the whole story, but anomynous and since i was leaving for a weekend to Amsterdam , that  i would post this letter there. After an hour or so we calmed down and we "talked" further with this ghost, and asked him many questions about life and death. The most intresting thing was that he said there is no hell, no heaven, no god, but that there are levels in the air where our spirits go to. The more peacefull you die, the higher you go. Told us that there were lots of ghosts like himself who tried to connect with living ppl, just to send messages to help. It was an amazing experience. To finish the story, i posted the letter in Amsterdam, to the police back in my hometown. 
After three weeks we did read in the paper that the murderer was found. The 
iniatials were simular to the name we got from this ghost, but of course we never found out if it was the same person. And frankly we didn´t want to know either. 

Betty B

Ps : I never tried to contact ghosts again. 

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