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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 1 thru 8 november 

Weren't we nerveous this week? The connection problems made a lot of people curse... And that was the reason for a lot of irritation on both sides of the ejection button. The connection probs could very well be solved, but another dark cloud is rising on the horizon. At least one citizen (and where's one there's more) finds the number of PK's too high and the quality of some below standards. PK's read newsgroups too. This could result in two types of weather : nice friendly weather, because they'll go back to the basic role (which is, as we believe a helping one) or some of them might get an itch on the trigger-finger. The first one seems the one with the most chances, since 3d-intercative universes are popping up like mushrooms everywhere on the web. We wouldn't like citizens to leave AW, would we? 

All ratings based on an average of 2 visits of 1 hour each, per day  
- Public speech :  every other time you are on GZ.
- First warnings :   0.5 first warning every visit.
- Second warnings : 1 second warning every 7 visits.
- Ejected tourists : 1 ejection every 10 visits.
- Ejected citizens : 1 ejected citizen every 43 visits
- Overall rating of the coming week : GZ will be quiet, but the silence is only superficial. Any explicit violation of rules can result in an ejection. The warnings will leave no room for interpretation .  
Longer term tendency : The windy weather will continue the first few days, but then clouds will pack together above GZ. This is a grey weather with storm threats. 
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