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Don't Eat Before Going………..

 Cheri Rides Mars      I'm talking about DECIMAL CITY!! A full-scale, fully operational amusement park located at the heart of Mars. Gargantuan in size, prepare to spend all day there….and that's okay because there's plenty to do! On DECIMAL CITY you'll find 24 different rides and amusements to enjoy. Built by computer animator "DECIMAL" aka "TheGlance" each ride is well designed and thought out to provide the most authentic representation VR can offer.

 Featuring "DECIMAL'S REVENGE"- an action-packed two minute long roller coaster ride. Starting at 140 meters above the Martian surface DECIMAL'S REVENGE is a high-speed plunge into the unknown! Eight full turns, kickin' sounds and visuals, and a free barf bag included J.

     Another favorite at DECIMAL CITY is the "SKYDIVING PLATFORMS".  Your first look over the edge will make you think twice about leaping! Walk off and you'll quickly achieve terminal velocity as the roaring wind practically deafens you! Maintain concentration as the ground hurls toward you and if you're good, hit the target for a free ride back up. If you're not good……..clean-up crews on grounds 24 hours a day J.

     Had a big lunch but still wanna play? Try DECIMAL CITY'S giant WATER-SLIDE. Gently ride the tubes 40 stories down to a refreshing plunge into the lagoon.

     Had a big lunch but still wanna blow chunks? Go directly to "DECIMAL DROP". Located below the surface of Mars this is truly the bungie jump from hell. Miss the target and you're gone forever!

     And for the motor-heads a ¼ mile drag strip….you're buddy's in the lane right next to you…is your CPU faster? Soon you'll know as the deafening blast of top fuel dragsters propels you down the track! It's over before you know it but, your eyes are red all day J.
     While at DECIMAL CITY visit the Art Gallery for a presentation of, "Beautiful Japan". Ride the DECIMAL TRAM around the inner city with stops at two other tram stations. Go see a movie at "DECIMAL THEATRE". Or, ride "CAROUSEL". Lounge in the warm Martian sun at the "POOL DECK"- with working diving board and jukebox. Take a trip into orbit aboard the "MARS ORBITOR", a football sized space station. Into technology? See the "POWER PLANT"…..dynamos, re-hydrators, 150 windmills, and the control room that keeps it all running. Other attractions include, the MEDITATION CHAMBER, DECIMAL HOUSE, SURVEILLANCE MOUNTAIN, SPACE-FLIGHT TRAINING CENTER, MAXIMUN SECURITY AREA, WIND-TUNNEL TEST LAB, AIR-TRAFFIC CONTROL TOWER, and introducing a NEW attraction just opened……"FIREWORKS PARK". A surprisingly realistic 4th of July fireworks display. We're talking major mortars here with all the "flash-booms" and "Oh-Ahhs" included.

     DECIMAL CITY is a must see! Bring the kids, it's cheaper then Disney and just as much fun. Located on the red planet (Mars) at 120s 256w DECIMAL CITY is easily navigated from "City Center". Images of the rides and amusements are on display at City Center to help you quickly find your favorites. And teleport signs will effortlessly carry you to and from all the major sites. After you see it get back to us and tell us what you think. All feedback will be utilized for the design and layout of future rides.

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