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Land Grabs.

 By Ewasx I'm not a prolific builder. I make a place and play around with it for weeks,
sometimes months, sometimes I never stop changing it (In fact, that's what
usually happens). My feelings on covering land that you are not going to use
immediately are mixed at best. Guilt sometimes plagues me whenever I cover up
land I know I have no building plans for right away but I then think about all
of the vast amounts of covered land I've seen in aw & Mars that has not had a
thing done to it since the day I joined last spring. In fact, a random right
click or two has shown me copy dates back to early 1997! At least my reserved
land gets used in a short time compared to the previously mentioned land. Most
of the land that I have covered is actually partially used in my two modest
communities, one in aw & one in Mars. There's only one totally unused plot I
currently possess but it will be used shortly. Knowing that, maybe guilt
shouldn't be a big worry for me. But then there's the seemingly endless tracts
of grass that I sometimes see when I'm looking for new land to build upon. Who
has all this land and what could just one member possibly do with it all? I
understand that people like to make communities so all their friends can
gather together and build side by side. I love that too and apparently AW has
no problem with it because they actually have an AWUniv advanced building
class called "Creating a Community" but the amount of area I've seen would
fill 50 communities! This question has been asked many times I know but I'm
going to ask it again. What can be done about all of the abandoned and mostly
empty communities, covered land, junkyard eyesore sites with no activity for
well over a year or more? I am not advocating automatic removal of all sites
after a certain amount of inactivity. After all, I'm sure most people consider
their sites works of art and they expect, no, demand AW to preserve them. I
know that's how I feel. The idea I'm advocating is this: A site has been
covered for well over a year (Or whatever amount of time AW feels is apropos.
The details I'm not concerned about. Just the overall idea) and it is either
1) Covered only 2)Has obviously been abandoned because of partially finished
appearance 3)Is an eyesore to all, especially if it appears that it was
DESIGNED to be an eyesore (Yes, that's a reality in AW too I'm afraid). I'm
not even advocating automatic deletion. A telegram to the builder, informing
them that it's come to the attention of AW that their site has been unused for
(Enter amount of time that AW has decided upon) and would they be interested
in relinquishing said plot? Or if the site meets all suggested criteria and
it's discovered that the builder no longer is a member, why keep it? If it's
only covered, obviously not complete or a definite eyesore, give it back so
someone can put it to good use. Now I'm not privy to AW's databases so this
idea could be a moot point. Obviously if there's still a great amount of land
left unclaimed we wouldn't need to do this, however, there is the issue of
eyesores, unintended or deliberate, that really downgrade the overall looks of
neighborhoods. I have a friend and building partner with a very nice looking
place that has a site recently built next to it that fits the deliberate
eyesore catagory. She asked the builder if it was supposed to look like that
and he immediately went VR postal. Now her and I are considering some
solutions involving animate panels and...well, you get the picture (And
believe me, they will too!)  : ).


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