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You gotta love them.

  Maybe you noticed that AWWoS is distributed on AW GZ. I can't possibly imagine what you think of it, but personally I'm glad about it. I know of some other distribution points in AW (Alien-X : teleport center, the AWWoS offices and some other I'm forgetting right now). Anyways, it will not affect this mags contents. 
I gotta give COF this : they placed this newsstand on GZ after only a few telegrams announcing new issues of AWWoS. My guess is they actually read AWWoS. And since the column of last week was about mags with newsstands on GZ, maybe they wanted to prove me wrong.... anyway for this little gesture, you gotta love them.

Not only COF, but a lot of other people we, at AWWoS, need to show our gratitude to. A lot of ppl gave us hints on how to make AWWoS technically better. As you can imagine, providing content is already a big job, and the tech side of this paper wasn't considered a priority, until now. The integrated browser in AW is a version 3 one, that doesn't have a high error tolerance. So in the coming period i hope we'll all see improvement on the tech side of AWWoS. Thanks to those who advised us on how to improve this site.

Who said competition kills ? In the awcommunity, the chief editor of Cyb-mag posted a nice message with a very kind offer, for wich you gotta love them. So, i took off and went to GZ to click on their stand. They are on strike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something with high telephone rates. We surely hope their actions will have effect. 

As you all know, it's Halloween weekend. By the time this is published you will probably have had it for this year with "trick or treat". If you find a pumpkin in AWWoS, it'll be a smashed one (maybe you had pumpkin pie or soup, hehehe). Anyways, that's over for this year...... let's head for X-mas !!!!!! But one thing was different this weekend, on this side of the ocean.... It seems that people here on the old continent are adopting it too. By the end of the twentieth century it will be a big hit here. At least that's what i see in this crystal glass, filled with red wine..... and a glass of Bordeaux never lies. You gotta love the french for their wine, at least.......

Last but not least, it seemed like the web users were all equal this week. The "waiting for server"s, and the "identity rejected"s, the "Cannot send Telegram (reason 401)"s were occurring on every screen. It didn't matter if you surf on ISDN, ADSL, or just good old dial-up at 33.6. We all did suffer the same experiences. Whatever caused it, it had no consideration for what material one is working on or thru what lines someone is connected. That gives me the feeling of "justice still exists", actually "justice" ain't the right word, but one better looks on the bright side of things. When I read the NG postings on this, i had the feeling that these events were a kinda metaphore (tech-wizzes : you can laugh) and proof that the saying "you can run, but you can't hide"  is still valid....... And for this equality in technical set-backs, you gotta love them, even when, in this case, "them" isn't clearly defined...

Enjoy reading AWWoS. 

Simon Says 
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