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Avatars killed by Red Herring Stampede

Helpless Meta Citizens trapped in wrong Bodies 
The 'Don't mess with Meta' campaign. 

A Trade fair in Meta, showing off AW to potential buyers and WHAM !, some citizens loose their appearance. Some avatars were apparently considered "ugly" and were terminated in Meta. This report is based on first hand information of one of the citizens who has lived the horror of finding herself  forced to choose an avatar that doesn't fit her. Is this how respected citizens are treated ? Will the same error be made as with the Stiff CY, who returned after weeks of action, after being terminated ?  
Call them conservatives, the good people of Meta, but they do have a point : nobody has the right to strip them. An avatar is part of someones character, take it away and you take away a part of the fun of being a citizen. Still in shock our citizen said : 
" I can't find an avatar that fits me, this one looks too childish" 

Of course, we're the last on earth to want to try and stop economic progress and yes we do want Active Worlds to prosper. But the termination of some avatars is too macchiavellistic.  
The citizens protested loudly, some of them tried more sofisticated pressure : 
"Got Enzo to put back the 'Smile Enzo loves you ' neon  but only cos I called him 'Your Enzoness'" 
"Enzo came to GZ in Meta one day after the Red Herring Revolution and our telegrams and said 'we will get some cool avs in here 
"'It was then that the citizens of Meta hit upon the the desperate plan of kidnapping Enzo and holding him to ransom till 
their avs were returned, but were only deterred by the realisation that the shift key could always save him. 'We are at 
his mercy' said one despairing citizen. We are trapped in the wrong bodies, but nothing can trap him.' " 
I think it was Wendel who persuaded them to get rid of most of the Red Herring advertising at GZ which he detested as  'visual pollution'. However I asked if a couple of the ads could stay as a picturesque bit of urban blight (sort of fits in Meta). Which is more than the avs do. They don't fit at all. Meta has always been a brilliant design concept with its Metropolis/SnowCrash/Bladerunner influences, and none of the avs there now fits this futuristic,dark city theme.  What's worse none of them fits me! 

Finally, our source turned to one of our reporters and told us this story. We'll follow closely the developments of this controversy and as soon as there's any news, we'll bring it to you.  

Simon Says.
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