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The CY-Awards : the Absent Ones

Citizens not present at the Cy-awards and their Reasons 
It will be soon now, we'll see stretch limousines stopping on GZ of Transcent, releasing glitter covered Avatars, self confident - but soon disappointed - citizens, Public Speakers and Tourists (who'll probably come by bus). They will all be present, but not be heard. As always the public speakers will not stop talking, making it impossible to hear the others, but who cares ? All of the Active Worlds visitors or citizens? Won't we miss some of them ? Oh, yes some will truly be missed.   

Chances are even that some of the to be awarded citizens won't make their appearance. But we won't go into that. That would suggest we knew some of the results yet. Which of course we do. Others we would like to name here as going to be absent either specifically asked us not to publish their names or threatened to come to the Awards just to make our paper loose it's credibility. However, we can state some reasons why some will not attend the Awards. 

The most heard and therefore a hell of cliché reason was :

My Avatar has to stand all the time and it won't be able to walk for the next three days.

The most unacceptable one is : I see no reason to return from holidays early, just to hear i didn't get an award.

A very practical reason to not attend : If I'm thirsty, no one will hear my "brb...for beer".

and as a result of having a few beers : When nature calls, I will probably miss the good stuff

Not my time zone, I have to work, I don't like the sounds, I don't like awards, I don't like CY were other oftenly used excuses.

The best one however, in our humble opinion was heard the other day on GZ in Alpha : They're always saying there's hundreds of people present, but I can see hardly a few tens of them. I suspect they just pump up the worlds counter to make Active Worlds commercially attractive (cfr. Red Herring report)

By the way, if any of our readers should have a better reason for not attending the CY-awards, please send it to us. Even if your attending. 

Simon Says
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