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The Reasons behind the New Object Delivery Delay

43 days late, on Sunday 23th.  
Desperate builders seek reasons for the delay 

It's been over 40 days now. The new objects for AW haven't arrived yet. A lot of builders are getting impatient or even demotivated, yes depressed. Plannings are turned upside down, building projects suffer from huge overruns and financial loss. What are the reasons for the delay?  

Many explanations are given but there's only one that satifies our suspicious minds. Rumour goes on GZ that E N Z O said he was lazy. Most people would settle for that explanation, not us. Many of the citizens wouldn't categorise E N Z O as lazy. We suspect it's a cover for a deeper reason. This eledged laziness was only a starting point for our digging into the real reasons for the delay. 

Where from could this laziness originate? First of all let's count back, 40 days from sunday 23rd of august : that brings us to july, 12. Indeed, T minus 2 weeks (if T = Reunion). Why deliver new objects then, when everybody was getting more and more excited about the upcoming reunion? Chances were that nobody would even notice that the objects were actually delivered.  

One would say now that the objects could have been delivered right after the reunion. But then all who went there and those who looked at all who went there on the web cam would probably not notice because of all the excitement of looking at pics and listening to juicy stories on love affairs in Las Vegas. 

Then there was Red Herring-gate (see our report on the avatar killings) and the consequences of that. 

And now there's the CY awards (see our article elsewhere in this issue) coming up. So, dear readers, give the poor man a break. Maybe he said he was lazy, but probably he's working day and night. Probably he has only a planning problem or even fear of delegating tasks to others. Actually it's this reporters opinion we should nominate him for a new CY Award : Modesty in AW.  

And all of you, impatient builders : E N Z O is probably thinking about you all the time. He is concerned about your property when the Transmillenium Bug hits AW. So you better wait until new year of 2000 before complaining again. 

Simon Says


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